Nymac relays

As you are all aware, each event of the relays we hold, we do the results in house. This year we need someone to help complete this task alongside Paul McGough and below is a quick brief of what’s involved. If anyone is interested and able to help then please can you let myself, Paul or Eddie know. Its vital that we get someone to help as the relays can’t go ahead without all roles covered.

Thanks Richie


TaskDescriptionEffortSkill level
NumbersMarking out envelopes with basic info, grouping the numbers together and putting them in the envelope. Before the night.2 hoursLow
Pre-registrationLiaising with team captains for runner names, adding the runner names to the spreadsheet and envelopes. Before the night5 hoursLow, basic excel skills
RegistrationOn the night1.5 hoursLow
Logging ResultsEntering the results and runners numbers on to the spread sheet. Needs another person to help, can be quicker if no issues. Immediately after the race has finished.2 hoursMedium excel skills
Producing ResultsUpdating the runner names/changes in the results sheet, formatting the results of publish. The evening of the race and the next day.5 hoursMedium excel skills