3 First places, 2 Age Category Records and 2 PBs, not bad going

A bit of a vintage day for the 47 Nymac members who turned out at 15 different Parkruns on Saturday. There were first places for Darren Wood at Marshall Drive, Harry Potter at Stewart Park and Paul Lowe at Sandwell Valley where he also set a new age category record. Regular Parkrunner, Phil Jarvis, also set a new age category record at Flatts Lane. You’ll have to look both up to find how old they are. New course pbs went to David Abrook and Tom Rush at Stewart Park, David’s third this year, a sign of real improvement.
Among the tourists, Bref O’Rourke was at Fell Foot, Gareth Wilson at Gloucester North, Julian Barwick at Druridge Bay and Neil Enskat at Penrhyn while there was a Hall outing to Riverside.
Here is the link to the full set of results: