NYMAC Road Championship 2021

We will take the best 14 of the 23 races ( virtual and real ) and the best 6 of the 8 “5ks and parkruns”, which are indicated by numbers starting with “P”.

2021 Road Championships Current Mens Standings

2021 Road Championships Current Ladies Standings

The scoring system to help produce close competitions, is as follows: 50 points for 1st NYMAC place or age grading win (ONLY where “AG” is stated), 49 for second, 48 for third and so on all the way down to 1, though everyone will get at least 1 point if they finish the race.

Men’s and ladies’ champs will run separate.

***Any real races entered as a NYMAC member but not ran with a NYMAC vest on will not receive points from that race (with the exception of the Loftus Poultry Run if you wish to dress up) ***

As usual, races based on the NMH series ( 2x 10k and 3x 5k ) and “parkruns” will be age graded.

The first two virtual “parkruns” are 5ks which can be done anywhere, then, once travel restrictions get eased we will set named locations for virtual parkruns, then hopefully later in the year we will be back to real parkruns.

Please read the Virtual Race Rules Here

Obviously 2021 is a year of unknowns, so we can’t commit to our normal “no changes to champ races” tradition.

Hopefully placeholder dates will get replaced by real races, if not then we will replace them with virtual races.  If any “in place of” virtual races get replaced by a real race later in the year, we will try to fit in the real race instead of the virtual race.

If any real races get moved to another date in 2021 we will keep them in the list, at their new date.  if they get cancelled we will replace with a virtual race.

For entry details for the real races see Road Fixtures and Results 2021

We will keep the total number of races the same.

DateCountLengthReal/Virtual/Age Graded/Club Race TTDescriptionResults
20th-21st110MVIn place of Snake LaneResults
27th-28thP15kV-AGVirtual 5KResults
13th-14th210kVIn place of ThirskResults
27th-28thP25kV-AGVirtual 5KResults
2nd-4th310kV-AGEaster Weekend - in place of MermaidResults
17th-18th45MVIn place of HartlepoolResults
21st5A5kRCroft Pitstop 5kNYMAC Results
21st5B10kRCroft Pitstop 10kAs above
25th610kREndeavour 10kNYMAC Results
1st710KTTClub Time Trial - Teesside Ind Est - see NYMAC Member Facebook Page.Results
15th-16thP35kV-AGVirtual Stewart ParkrunResults
31st810kREndeavour 10kNYMAC Results
6th96MV ( Must enter the official Blaydon event )Blaydon official VirtualBlaydon and 10k Time Trial post
13th1010kAG TTAge Graded 10k Club Time Trial Redcar Coast RoadResults
26th115kTT5k Club Time Trial Redcar Coast RoadResults
14th125k or 10kR ( Track )Stride out graded 5000 or 10000m on the track at MSVDetails and entry
25th135MR-AGNMH Redcar Penguins 5 Mile Road RaceEntry
31stP45kR-AGDo any real parkrunResults
1st1410kRDarlington 10kNYMAC Results
10-11th151 MileVNYMAC 1 mile in Stewart Park, do anytime 10th/11th or join club session on 10th in the park.Results
14thP55kR-AGFlatts Lane parkrunResults
1st Sept165kAGClub 5k on Redcar Coast RoadResults
11th176MRCastleton Show RunNYMAC Results
25thP65kAGAlbert parkrunNYMAC Results
10th1810k or HM*RRedcar Running Festival, 10k or HM, double points for HMRedcar Results Page
17th1910kRYorkshire Coast Scarborough 10kNYMAC Results
24th2010kRLeeds Abbey DashNYMAC Results
7th2110kRMiddlesbrough 10kNYMAC Results
23rd ( Tues evening )225MCClub 5M time trial at session Teesside Ind EstResults
4th ( Was 27th Nov )P75kR-AGStewart parkrunNYMAC Results
11thP85kR-AGRedcar parkrunNYMAC Results
19th235kRWhat a Wheeze 5k Christmas Cracker ( Ropner Park, Stockton ) NYMAC Results