Rules for NYMAC Virtual Races

  • All runs are at your own risk, please take care.
  • You need to be a current member, our virtual races are club-only events.
  • Follow the current COVID-19 guidlines, especially group size, social distancing and any travel for exercise restrictions.
  • Try to run the exact distance if possible, runs will be averaged to the required distance.
  • We will accept under distance of up to 2.5%. ( e.g. 4.875k for a 5k ).
  • Overruns are allowed, if using part of a longer run you should crop the GPS trace down to the required distance if possible, this can work in your favour if you choose right.
  • You must use “elapsed” time, not “moving” time, i.e. like a real race’s time from when you cross the start line to when you cross the finish line.  Just like a real race, you can walk or stop, as it still counts towards your elapsed time!  Sorry, we have to include time stopped to cross roads, so choose your course wisely. But please don’t take any risks, its only a bit of fun. Tip, when using Strava, set the run type to “race” and Strava will automatically show elapsed time.
  • Try to keep your descent to match your ascent, no total flat out descents.
  • Submit Strava/Garmin/similar link or a photo of your watch time/distance to the event page on the NYMAC Member Facebook group when required. Or, for non Facebookers, send to within a day of the race completion date.
  • For virtual parkruns where we have named a route, try to run as near the actual parkrun route as possible, your actual elapsed time will be used and will not be adjusted up to 5k, as most parkruns measure less than 5k on the GPS. We allow both saturday and sunday to do these, as parks can be busy.  Try to avoid 9am on a saturday as per “freedom parkrun” guidlines. 
  • We will publish your name, gender, race time, and for age graded races, your age-grading ( but not actual age ) on this website and our member’s Facebook page. ( You agree to us looking up your age in the member’s list for age graded races ).

Finally, most important… Have fun, happy running folks!