NYMAC Road Championship 2023-24

The Thirsk 10 race concluded our club road championship for the 2023-24 season.

Thirsk 10 NYMAC Results and points

The mens standings were already pretty much decided and were unchanged by this race, however the ladies top two decision went down to the wire with just 5 seconds at Thirsk deciding it, and it resulted in a tie on the “best 12 races” scores, so it goes down to the total points to decide it.

Previously Ang Turnbull was on 749 points from 12 races, and Alison Denos was on 702 from 11 races, so Ali’s 58 points counted in full to make 760, and Ang improved her “best 12” score also to 760 by scoring 59 at Thirsk. Ang has a total of 808 points from 13 races, which in this case is the tie-breaker.  Carolyn had already secured 3rd place.

In the men’s table, Stuart had a big lead for a while, and ran a total of 15 races. Matthew and Mark had very high scores for 2nd and 3rd places.

Well done all our runners and congratualtions to our top three prize winners:


  1. Angela Turnbull
  2. Alison Denos
  3. Carolyn Gale


  1. Stuart Turton
  2. Matthew Ayton
  3. Mark Behrens

As it happens, our top three gents had already posed for a photo at Thirsk…

( Matt, Stu and Mark )

And I had already captured our ladies in action at previous races:




The full final score tables are here: Road Champs 2023-24 Final Scores


The 2024-25 season Road Championship starts with the NMH Spring Coast Road 5k on 24th April, as our year runs from the 1st April, the usual Good Friday 5 miler falls between our seaons this time.

Full details of 24-25 road champs NYMAC 2024-25 Road Champs Races

Happy running everyone!

( I have a post about some excellent new club records being set, coming soon… )