2017 club championships overall results

The club championships are now complete. This year we had more members taking part in races that were included which is good to see.
In the mens category, Phil Jarvis finished 1st, followed by last years winner Paul Mcgough, with Eddie Meehan 3rd place. Well done guys.

Over in the ladies it was a little closer with the top 2 on joint points going into the last race, and this was how it finished! Well done both Kirsty Struthers and Sharon Gaytor. 2nd place goes to Anne Robson, and 3rd to Kimberley Sikba.

Well done everyone.

(Please note those with a line through are no longer members but scores have being left as at the time they were 1st claim members – They are therefore ineligible to claim/win any prizes)

Prizes for the 2017 club champs will be given out at the AGM. Next years championships will be up shortly.

Club Championships 2017Total Best 12Total PointsRace Count
Phil Jarvis19324413
Paul McGough15616811
Eddie Meehan12813012
Richie Fawcett1231237
Dave Robinson12015517
Barry Dunne1051059
Jack Hustwitt1051056
Richard Atkins10410410
Brian Laverick99997
Laurence Taylor98986
Darren Carroll91916
Jon Parker89896
Jeff Belt80806
James Fahey75754
David Watkins74744
Kirsty Struthers72727
Sharon Gayter72726
Kev McCloughlin72724
Gavin Struthers71717
Paul Thwaites70704
Mark Brown69698
Richard Barnes67678
Chris Walker61616
Mark Behrens61617
Paul Lowe60603
Anne Robson60607
Harry Potter60605
Alasdair Tatham59593
Jane Wilson55553
Paul Darroch53533
Kimberley Skiba53534
Tony Holland51513
Jonathan Skidmore51513
Dean Law50506
Maria Clemit50509
Paul Bainbridge48486
Keith Wilson44444
Craig Stokes42425
Lee Morgan42424
David Ainsley42424
Jim Robson40406
Gareth Wilson36363
Douglas Howarth35352
Barry Moody35355
Peter Keen35355
Martin Luxton34343
Kerry Jarvis33336
Paul McClean32322
Julian Barwick32325
Stefan McCloughlin31312
Andrew Ackerley30302
Steven Smith27272
Philip Hughes Narborough27272
Owen Brown26262
Chris Ward26264
David Hughes26262
John Cornwell25254
Peter Gamble25252
Darren Clements25252
Mike Knox23233
Mark Potter23232
Anne Marie Wilson22225
Chris Marchant22223
Mark Edwards22223
Rob Poynter21214
Dominic Dunn20201
Bill Pennell18181
Simon Harper18181
Bill Ferguson18183
Chris Cornwell17171
Gareth Wilson16161
Paul Stocks16161
Tim Lowes16161
Bryan Saysell15151
Bob Howe15153
Paul Gamble12122
Andy Race10102
Mark Wilson991
Brian Roberts991
Josh Asbrook991
Diane Jobson992
Angela Ackerley882
Martin Dietrich771
Asma Shaffi661
Nicholas Ryan662
Iain Hall663
Ken Farrell662
William Gaytor664
Doug Welsh553
Helen Simmons441
Petra Eriksson222
Bref O’Rourke222
Kath Blakey222
Stephen Kelleher222
Paul Reed222
Phillip Coleman222
William Rutherford111
Graham Currie111
Rob Jones111
Lee Baines111
Carolyn Gale111
Barry Manning111
Iona Leigh111
Georgina McDonald111
Shaun Joughlin111
Richard Coates111
Marc Mason111
Paul Lyons111
Lydia Dietrich111
John O’Boyle111

Road championships have being updated to include Richmond and Scarborough.
I think its safe for me to say this, Well done to Phil Jarvis who has led for the best part of the season. 2nd and 3rd still to play for. The ladies at present is neck and neck with Sharon and Kirsty leading the way.

Club Championships 2017Total Best 12
Phil Jarvis193
Paul McGough155
Eddie Meehan128
Dave Robinson118
Barry Dunne105
Jack Hustwitt105
Laurence Taylor98
Brian Laverick91
Darren Carroll91
Richard Atkins89
Richie Fawcett84
David Watkins74
Kirsty Struthers71
Sharon Gayter71
Jon Parker71
Gavin Struthers70
Mark Brown69
Richard Barnes67
Jeff Belt65
Paul Lowe60
Alasdair Tatham59
Kev McCloughlin58
James Fahey55
Paul Darroch53
Kimberley Skiba53
Anne Robson52
Paul Thwaites52
Dean Law50
Maria Clemit49
Chris Walker48
Mark Behrens45
Keith Wilson44
Craig Stokes42
Lee Morgan42
David Ainsley42
Jane Wilson39
Gareth Wilson36
Douglas Howarth35
Paul Bainbridge35
Tony Holland34
Barry Moody34
Martin Luxton34
Kerry Jarvis33
Peter Keen32
Paul McClean32
Jonathan Skidmore32
Harry Potter31
Jim Robson31
Stefan McCloughlin31
Steven Smith27
Philip Hughes Narborough27
Owen Brown26
Chris Ward26
John Cornwell25
Peter Gamble25
Mike Knox23
Anne Marie Wilson22
Julian Barwick22
Chris Marchant22
Mark Edwards21
Rob Poynter21
Dominic Dunn20
Darren Clements19
Bill Pennell18
Simon Harper18
Bill Ferguson18
Chris Cornwell17
Gareth Wilson16
Paul Stocks16
Tim Lowes16
Bryan Saysell15
David Hughes15
Bob Howe14
Andrew Ackerley14
Paul Gamble12
Andy Race10
Mark Wilson9
Brian Roberts9
Josh Asbrook9
Diane Jobson8
Angela Ackerley8
Asma Shaffi6
Nicholas Ryan6
Iain Hall6
Ken Farrell6
William Gaytor5
Doug Welsh4
Helen Simmons4
Petra Eriksson2
Bref O’Rourke2
William Rutherford1
Kath Blakey1
Graham Currie1
Rob Jones1
Lee Baines1
Carolyn Gale1
Barry Manning1
Iona Leigh1
Georgina McDonald1
Stephen Kelleher1
Paul Reed1
Shaun Joughlin1
Richard Coates1
Phillip Coleman1

October upto date championship scores including Redcar half and Castleton

Champ scores Oct 2017

NYMAC Road Championship 2017

The NYMAC road championship is now underway. The format will follow in a similar way to the Fell Championship.

The scoring system to help produce close competitions, is as follows: 20 points for an age category win (where age cats are stated), 19 for second, 18 for third and so on all the way down to 1, though everyone will get at least 1 point if they finish the race.

Heres a link to the fixtures Fixture list 2017

Here are the races that are eligible with the top 12 results to count from a combination of any of the races below:


Old Monks

Brass Monkey

Dewsbury 10k


Thirsk 10

Mermaid 10K

Helmsley Multi Terrain 10k

Spring 5K

Tees Barrage

Great Broughton 10k

Northallerton 10k

Blaydon race

Everyone Active (Victoria) 10K

Ali Brownlee 5k

Kilburn Feast

Summer coast 5k

Darlington 10k

Ray Harrison 10k

Tees pride 10k

Autumn coast 5k

Castleton show 10k

Redcar Half

Richmond 10k

Yorkshire 10k

Leeds abbey dash 10k

Poultry run

If any races are cancelled i won’t be substituting any other races

Richie Fawcett

Road manager