2022 Club Championships Final Ladies Standings

Ladies Road Championships 2022Best races plus XC and FellBest 10 racesXC and Fell PointsTotal PointsRace CountXC and Fell Count
Angela Turnbull5404449654082
Tracy Biney4994495049981
Anne Robson37323413937353
Carolyn Gale2901969429032
Rach Hall147499814712
Sharon Gayter146146014630
Victoria Wright141479414112
Catherine Shutt140944614021
Maria Clemmit9950499911
Debs White9348459311
Jennifer Proll900909002
Josie Green505005010
Alison Lloyd505005010
Kirsty Struthers505005010
Jenny Wilkie494904910
Helen Simmons484804810
Paige McLeod474704710
Tabby McNicholas474704710
Annemarie Wilson464604610