NYMAC 4 x 1 mile virtual relay results

First of all a big thanks to everyone who took part. We had a total of 60 teams from all around the UK and some from further afield. The event was a great success with some great efforts and good times.


Male open 1stTS Harriers 1

Mohammad Abu-Rezec, Paul Darroch, Matthew Jones, Harvey Dunmore.

18 min 48 sec
Male open 2ndMiddlesbrough & Cleveland Harriers ‘A’

Greg Jayasuriya, Chris Rumsey, Ryan Norman, Jamie Wilkinson.

19 min 26 sec
Male open 3rdNYMAC ‘A’

Josh Abrook, Jack Hustwitt, Richard Fawcett, Darren Carroll.

19 min 54 sec
Female open 1stLoftus and Whitby ‘A’

Dani Braithwaite, Sarah Price, Angharad Owen, Grace Rodgers.

25 min 27 sec
Female open 2ndMiddlesbrough & Cleveland Harriers ‘A’

Helen Scott, Carolyn Ollis, Hazelle Webster-Costella, Claire Murphy.

26 min 22 sec
Female open 3rdNYMAC Ladies

Georgina McDonald, Kirsty Struthers, Claire Lowe, Kimberley Skiba

26 min 43 sec
Male 200 1stNYMAC M200 1

Phil Jarvis, Paul Lowe, Alasdair Thatham, Dave Watkins.

20 min 26 sec
Male 200 2ndLoftus and Whitby D

Dave Parkin, Rob Williamson, John Hunter, James Wilson.

21 min 41 sec
Male 200 3rdNYMAC M200 3

Paul McGough, Richard Atkins, Laurence Taylor, Dave Hughes.

22 min 22 sec
Female 160 1stRoundhay Runners Ladies

Susan Lewis, Julia Say, Nicola Walmsley, Charlotte Wills.

23 min 09 sec
Female 160 2ndNew Marske Harriers AC

Sharon Bulman, Gemma Harcombe-Moore, Kay Neesam, Pat Speedie

24 min 08 sec
Female 160 3rdScarborough AC 2

Rhona Marshall, Fay Hethershaw, Sue Haslam’ Nikki Carr.

24 min 37 sec
Mixed 1stStockton Striders AC Mixed

Christian Oxley, Tom Day, Abby Barker, Gareth Maloney

24 min 40 sec
Mixed 2ndLoftus and Whitby E

Ellie Walsh, Andrew Hardy, Andrew Marshall, Grace Cook.

24 min 54 sec
Mixed 3rdQuakers RC – 7

Michael Joyeux, Gareth Kyle, Darren Wright, Rebecca Howard.

24 min 59 sec
Male fastest Leg 1stTS Harriers – Mohammad Abu-Rezec4 min 21 sec
Male fastest Leg 2ndRoundhay Runners – Callum Elson4 min 29 sec
Male fastest Leg 3rdNYMAC – Josh Abrook4 min 38 sec
Female fastest Leg 1stScarborough AC – Nikki Carr5 min 21 sec
Female fastest Leg 2ndRoundhay Runners – Charlotte Wills5 min 23 sec
Female fastest Leg 3rdRoundhay Runners – Susan Lewis5 min 35 sec
Race Directors award of the ‘Corona Cup’ for Special performance and being the most remote team!Rockingham runners, Western Australia


Hopefully the Corona Virus will be well and truly gone next year and you can run the actual event in May on our measured 1 mile course in Stewart Park Middlesbrough. If not we may run the virtual event again in 2021.

Please give us some feedback of the event and if we do run it again in 2021 how can we improve it.

Many thanks.


Full Results Spreadsheets and PDFs.

Full Results Spreadsheet ( may not open on mobile devices )https://nym.ac/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Virtual-Relay-Result-Aug-2020-Long.xlsx
Team Results PDFhttps://nym.ac/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Virtual-Relays-Aug-2020-Results-Teams.pdf
Leg Times Results PDFhttps://nym.ac/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Virtual-Relays-Aug-2020-Results-Leg-Times.pdf
Male Results PDFhttps://nym.ac/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Virtual-Relays-Aug-2020-Results-Male.pdf
Female Results PDFhttps://nym.ac/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Virtual-Relays-Aug-2020-Results-Female.pdf
MOpen Results PDFhttps://nym.ac/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Virtual-Relays-Aug-2020-Results-MOpen.pdf
FOpen Results PDFhttps://nym.ac/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Virtual-Relays-Aug-2020-Results-FOpen.pdf
M200 Results PDFhttps://nym.ac/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Virtual-Relays-Aug-2020-Results-M200.pdf
F160 Results PDFhttps://nym.ac/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Virtual-Relays-Aug-2020-Results-F160.pdf
Mixed Results PDFhttps://nym.ac/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Virtual-Relays-Aug-2020-Results-Mixed.pdf

Thank you to all who took part.