Martin has been an active member of North York moors since 2010. He is currently Chairman of the club and is actively involved with various events the club hold. Martin runs varied distances from 5K through to marathons

Best race and why? – Middlesbrough 10k 4/9/11 41:13 This was a PB by 51 seconds. Never been anywhere near 41 minutes since. Just felt really good on the day, and once I’d got to the top of Ladgate Lane, it felt like it was literally downhill all the way from there. Second V55 at age 59 wasn’t too bad either!

Favourite race and why? – London marathon. Just such a special and surprisingly emotional experience, particularly the first time in 2005. I was targeting about 4hrs 20mins but finished in 3hrs 55mins. Excellent organisation (the best), plus phenomenal support all round the course. I seem to say it will be my last marathon every year, but not just yet.

Why did you get into running? – After the company I worked for was sold, I had a new, and much younger boss at work who was making a big thing about doing the Great North Run. I decided he needed to be put in his place and entered the race too. At the first attempt, he was 5 minutes faster than me, but the following year I beat him by 15 minutes. Not that I’m competitive you understand.

Best thing about being in a club? – Lots of things really, but the friendships, support, and coached training have all been important to me. I also take pride in being chairman of such a fine club, with some great people.

Fastest 5k? – Albert Parkrun 20/11/10 20:01 Never quite got sub 20 mins.

Fastest 10k? – Middlesbrough 10k 4/9/11 – 41min 13sec

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