Favourite race and why?
Croft 10k Pitstop. The route is around the motor racing circuit which is flat and fast. It is however exposed to the weather conditions of the day and it’s very easy to choose the wrong racing line and find that you have overran the 10k by 300m.

Best race and why?
Croft 10k Pitstop in 2017. I was determined to dip under 40 minutes for the first time and in near perfect conditions I followed the right racing line and smashed my previous best time with 39m18s. In most 10k races I normally have my doubts at around the 7k mark but this time Peter, the NYMAC coach at the time, was at the 7k marker shouting encouragement.

Why did you get into running?
At school I did cross country in the winter and a bit of track (800m and 1500m) in the summer. I stopped running because at the age 15 there were too many other distractions and then I didn’t run again for 40 years. At 55 I decided to do something to get fit and picked running and I found I still had some latent talent.

Best thing about being in a club?
You meet people from all walks of life who like running and being outdoors. If you want to run on the road or moors there is always the opportunity to join a group so that training is more sociable. The club caters for all abilities and ages. Plus it gave me the step change in performance to go sub 40 for the 10k and sub 90 for the HM.

Fastest parkrun?
18:54 Albert parkrun in 2017

Fastest 10k?
39:18 Croft Pitstop 2017

Slowest race?
My first, the Middlesbrough 10k in 47:36 in 2010.

Worst injury suffered?
Plantar fasciitis. The solution was 6 weeks of complete rest with no running.

Favourite film?
Just one? I will give 3, Some Like it Hot, Weekend at Bernie’s, and The Departed.

Favourite song?
The version of Imagine by Herbie Hancock

Favourite drink?
A pint of bitter.  And water, lots of it.

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