Best race and why?
Probably my half PB at the Brass Monkey in 2017 (1:24:50), hadn’t done a significant amount of training, was carrying a few niggles, turned up and got a PB.

Favourite race and why?
London, anyone who’s done it will know why but looking down an empty spectator lined Champs-Elysee was quite special, Borrowdale for the fell side.

Why did you get into running?
Was getting too many injuries in football, the leagues were dying and I’d started doing a few triathlons.  Gary Thoms said to try fell running and join his fell running club called North York Moors AC, that was probably 12 years ago.

Best thing about being in a club?
Training with others (when I turn up), the friends you make and doing the races with them.

What are your ambitions?
Still fascinated by a sub 3 marathon but running out of time and motivation to do the training.  Also want to do the 6 marathon majors, 3 down and I’ll hopefully get into Boston 2020.

Fastest 10k?
Fastest 10K – 38:45 – Leeds Abbey Dash 2019

Worst injury suffered?
Toss up between knee ligament/cartilage injury from football when I was about 20 and some weird groin/abs/stomach problem I’ve only just about got over, also had something similar about 14 years ago

Favourite song?
Perfect Kiss, New Order (has to be the 12” version)

Favourite drink?
Chocolate milk or Guinness for alcoholic

Any other interests?
Travelling, aiming to visit every European capital, managed about 30 out of 51 so far.



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