Best race and why
Brass monkey Half Marathon York 2017 Having ran two Great North Run Half Marathons 2015/2016 and completing my first in 2:03 and the second in 1:59, I set out to try and obtain a PB.
After concentrating and focusing on my training I did the Brass Monkey at York in 2017 and managed a PB of 01:41. The course was quite flat and the conditions were perfect to run in.
This increased my confidence and I was able to get a PB at Stewart Park, parkrun and running the Rock & Roll Liverpool Marathon.

Looking back it is true that what you put in you get out!

Favourite race and why
My first attempt at the Great North Run. It was the atmosphere at the start of the race and running the course with thousands of people who didn’t know me , cheering me on, total strangers handing out sweets and drinks. I also raised quite a bit of money for Teesside Hospice too which added to my sense of achievement crossing the finish line!

Why did you get into running
Believe it or not I used to smoke about 10-12 cigarettes a day, I liked a drink (like most people) but mainly stuck to nights out. The changing point for me on New Year 2014 going into 2015. I decided that I didn’t need to smoke and drink as it wasn’t good for me. I also suffered a really bad hangover and used the usual adage that ‘I’m never drinking again ‘.  Since then I haven’t had a drop.

I used to play 7 a-side football twice a week and thought that I was reasonably fit, but when it came to running I couldn’t run for more than a few minutes until my mind was telling me “just stop and walk, you cant breath and that pain in your leg is telling you this isn’t good for you!, go home and eat cake instead!”

Having no idea how to train/run and feeling inadequate to join any kind of running club I downloaded an app called 0-5k.

I can’t recommend this enough for the beginner as it taught me to push the boundaries and it was good to run. I actually became addicted to this little app. I started to feel confident enough to join a running group called swift tees then moving clubs to Nymac.

Best thing about being in a club
Being part of a club has helped me gain confidence in running and pushing the boundaries. Having like minded people of all kinds of experience has added to my love of running. Having a belonging and a purpose to run also keeps my motivation going.

Fastest parkrun – 21:37 – Stewart parkrun, 7/1/17

Fastest 10K – 48:00 – Middlesbrough 10k

Favourite film – Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Band – Can’t say as I like various bands/music

Favourite drink – Yorkshire Tea (with a Bourbon biscuit)

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