Latest club championship scores for men and ladies

Club Championships 2018Total Best 12Total PointsRace Count
Paul McGough2212215
Douglas Howarth1841844
Dave Robinson1601604
John Cornwell1481484
David Watkins1471473
Laurence Taylor1431433
Brian Laverick1421423
Richie Fawcett1421423
Barry Dunne1401403
Eddie Meehan1381383
Richard Atkins1221223
Richard Barnes1191193
Paul Stocks1191193
Mark Brown1111113
Tony Holland95952
Chris Walker94942
Phil Jarvis94942
Jeff Belt91912
Warren Lewis90902
Iain Hall89892
David Ainsley89892
Harry Potter86862
Gavin Struthers85852
Gareth Wilson85852
Josh Asbrook82822
Barry Moody81812
Lee Morgan80802
Paul Thwaites50501
Kev McCloughlin50501
Chris Dunne50501
Dean Law49491
Ian Latimer46461
Martyn Cooper45451
Marc Mason45451
Doug Welsh42421
Darren Clements41411
Jonathan Skidmore41411
Graham Currie39391
Darren Carroll39391
Rob Poynter38381
Paul Reed38381
Richard Coates37371
John O Boyle29291
Chris Marchant27271
Ladies 2018   
Club Championships 2018Total Best 12Total PointsRace Count
Maria Clemit1001002
Anne Marie Wilson96962
Catherin Mcshane50501
Georgina McDonald50501
Asma Shaffi50501
Paige McLeod49491
Angela Ackerley48481
Petra Eriksson48481

NYMAC Road Championship 2018

The NYMAC road championship is now underway. The format will be the same as previous years with a few changes.

The scoring system to help produce close competitions, is as follows: 50 points for 1st place or age category win (ONLY where age cats are stated), 49 for second, 48 for third and so on all the way down to 1, though everyone will get at least 1 point if they finish the race.
Men’s and ladies’ champs will run separate.
Anybody running under another runner’s name from only OUR club is allowed but I must be informed of this change within 14 days of the race date.
4 Park runs have been added throughout the year and I will take the 2 highest scores from Age grading.

If at the end of the championship any scores are drawn, then i will base i on the number of races ran in the championship.

Here are the races that are eligible with the top 12 road results and 2 Park runs to count from the races below:

Park runs

March 17th – Hartlepool (Swapped for Hartlepool due to weather) –

June 30th – Durham (Maiden castle)

Sept 22nd – Fountains Abbey

December 1st – TBC


Old Monks –

Brass Monkey –

Snake lane 10m –

Signal relays (30 bonus points to those who run) – (No members ran)

Thirsk 10 – (Re-scheduled)

Helmsley multi terrain –

Mermaid 10K –

Hartlepool marina 5 mile –

Spring 5K –

Tees Barrage –

Northallerton 10k –

Blaydon race –

Everyone active 10k –

Ali Brownlee 5K – Results

Kilburn 7

Summer 5k

Ray Harrison 10k

Middlesbrough 10k

Autumn 5k

Castleton show

Redcar half

Richmond 10k

Yorkshire(Scarborough) 10k

Leeds Abbey dash

Poultry run

If any races are cancelled i won’t be substituting for any other

Richie Fawcett