Cleveland Way relays – Sunday 24th June 2018

I’m now going to start putting teams together for the CWR.

My intention is to try and get 3 full teams out – 2 male and 1 female – this year which is 3 x 16 runners.
This is around 48 members but we get good numbers at training, some good numbers at the Monday night fell runs and there’s members who don’t come training who want to run.

In each male team there has to be at least one female runner.
Martin Dietrich and I are hoping that we can get a fast male team together to once again challenge for the win.
I don’t think there was a full female team entered last year so if we can get one out we could possibly win that too.

If you’re interested in running please get back to me on the Facebook post or send me an email on

I’ve already started making up a list of names and will update here and post on Facebook so you can see which legs are available.



LegFromTokm (miles)ABLadies
1FileyScarborough13.5 (8.4)TakenTakenTaken
2ScarboroughCloughton10 (6.2)TakenTakenTaken
3CloughtonRavenscar8.8 (5.5)TakenTakenTaken
4RavenscarRobin Hoods Bay5.8 (3.6)TakenTaken
5Robin Hoods BayWhitby11.4 (7.1)TakenTakenTaken
6WhitbyRunswick12.8 (8.0)TakenTakenTaken
7RunswickSkinningrove13 (8.1)TakenTakenTaken
8SkinningroveSlapewath13.6 (8.5)TakenTakenTaken
9SlapewathGribdale12.2 (7.6)Taken
10GribdaleBattersby Moor7 (4.4)TakenTakenTaken
11Battersby MoorClay Bank11 (6.8)TakenTaken
12Clay Bank (2pm mass start)Carlton Bank5.6 (3.5)TakenTakenTaken
13Carlton BankOsmotherly12 (7.5)TakenTaken
14OsmotherlySneck Yate12.6 (7.9)TakenTaken
15Sneck YateHambleton Inn10.4 (6.5)Taken
16Hambleton InnHelmsley11.4 (7.1)TakenTaken