Tees Forest Trail Results

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2009 Tees Forest 5K Series 2009 - Final positions
2008 Tees Forest 5K Series 2008 - Final positions & End of Year Report
2007 Tees Forest 5K Series 2007 - Final positions & End of Year Report
2006 Tees Forest 5K Series 2006 - Final Positions & End of Year Report
2005 Tees Forest 5K Series 2005 - Final Positions & End of Year Report
2004 Tees Forest 5K Series 2004 - Final Positions
2003 Tees Forest 5K Series 2003 - Final Positions
2002 Tees Forest 5K Series 2002 - Final Positions


 Tees Forest Trail Races

15th April 2010 

Preston Park 5k 

29th April 2010

Pinchinthorpe 5k 

13th May 2010 

Coulby Newham 

27th May 2010

Hemlington Rec 5k 

10th June 2010


24th June 2010 


20th Aug 2009 Coulby Newham Handicap 5K
23rd July 2009 Guisborough Forest 5K
2nd July 2009 Wynyard 5K
18th June 2009 Summerhill 5K
14th May 2009 Newham Grange 5K
16th Apr 2009 Preston Park 5K
28th Sept 2008 Wynard Woodland Park 10K
21st Aug 2008 Summerhill 5K
17th July 2008 South Park Darlington 5K
12th June 2008 Acklam Grange School
15th May 2008 Preston Park 5K
17th Apr 2008 Guisborough Forest 5K
28th Oct 2007 Guisborough 10K Eco Run
13th Sep 2007 Guisborough Handicap
16th Aug 2007 Acklam Grange School
19th July 2007 Preston Park 5K
14th June 2007 Hummersknott, Darlington 5K
17th May 2007 Summerhill, Hartlepool 5K
19th Apr 2007 Wynyard Woodland Park 5K
7th Sept 2006 Hummersknott Handicap
17th Aug 2006 Summerhill, Hartlepool
20th July 2006 Stewart Park
15th June 2006 Cowpen Bewley
25th May 2006 Pinchinthorpe, Guisborough 5K
20th Apr 2006 Wynyard Woodland Park 5K
1st Sep 2005 Preston Park 5K Handicap
18th Aug 2005 Wynyard Woodland Park 5K
21st July 2005 West Park, Darlington 5K
23rd June 2005 Summerhill, Hartlepool 5K
12th May 2005 Pinchinthorpe, Guisborough 5K
21st Apr 2005 Stewart Park 5K
9th Sept 2004 Wynyard WP 5K Handicap
19th Aug 2004 Stewart Park 5K
15th July 2004 Hummersknott 5K
17th June 2004 Preston Park 5K
20th May 2004 Summerhill 5K
22nd Apr 2004 Guisborough Forest 5K
11th Sep 2003 Castle Eden 5K Final Handicap
21st Aug 2003 Darlington 5K
10th July 2003 Lingfield Farm 5K
19th June 2003 Stillington 5K
22nd May 2003 Guisborough Forest 5K
1st May 2003 Summerhill, Hartlepool 5K
10th Apr 2003 Castle Eden Walkway 5K
12th Sept 2002 Castle Eden 5K Final Handicap results & prize winners
22nd Aug 2002 Lingfield Farm 5K
25th July 2002 Stillington Forest 5K
20th June 2002 Guisborough Forest 5K
23rd May 2002 Summerhill, Hartlepool 5K
25th Apr 2002 Castle Eden Walkway 5K